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You now can apply for unemployment benefits online using the Internet. Please read this page for information about how to use the Internet when applying for unemployment benefits.

You must use the "Previous" or "Next" buttons at the bottom of the text on each page to navigate through this application.

Use of the browser "Back" button will produce unpredictable results. DO NOT use the browser "Back" button while in this application. The places where you are going to enter your information are known as "Fields," and there can be several different types of Fields. To move about the unemployment application screen (that is, to "navigate" from one place to another on the screens) and get from one field to another, you can use the mouse and "left-click" in the place where you want to enter information.

You will be required to enter information on several screens. As you move from one screen (also called a "page") to another, you will use the mouse to "left-click" on the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen in order to proceed to the next screen.

Methods of entering information
There are several ways to enter data into your unemployment benefits application. Here are two of the most common types of "Fields" that you will use for entering data.

Text Fields :  Text Fields (also called "Text Boxes") are used to enter information by typing on the keyboard. When you click in the field, a bar will appear in the field, and you will type the information the system is asking for.

Example 1: Enter your First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name in the following fields:

                                     First Name:

                     Middle Initial:  



                                     Last Name:

                    Email Address: 

Drop-Down Lists:   Drop-Down Lists contain lists of items from which you will choose. You may use the value that is showing in the field, or you can click on the "down arrowhead" and choose from the list of items which are shown. If you want to move through the list, click on the "Scroll Bar" under the arrowhead. When the selection you want appears in the list, "Left-Click" on the selection, and your selection will be placed in the field.

Example 2: In What Month Were You Born? Select By Clicking On The "Arrowhead".

                    Month Were You Born: