If you are receiving benefits from the state of Kentucky but live in a different state:

After filing for benefits, you will receive information in the mail that will include a form to be completed and returned to the Interstate Section and information regarding your Eligibility Review.

The form requires you to register for Employment Services or a Career Center in your state of residence (NOT Kentucky) for job search assistance – Unless you are a member of a trade union that seeks work for you, OR you have a definite return to work date within twelve (12) weeks from the date you filed for unemployment. This form must be completed and returned to the Interstate Section within ten (10) days from the date mailed, along with supporting documentation of work registration. TO LEARN HOW TO REGISTER FOR EMPLOYMENT SERVICES OR TO CONTACT A ONE STOP CENTER/CAREER CENTER, PLEASE VISIT: .

The information you receive regarding your Eligibility Review will instruct you on how to complete the review ONLINE on the date assigned to you when you filed for benefits. The review must be completed six (6) weeks after the date you filed for unemployment, and every 6 weeks thereafter, for the duration of your Unemployment Insurance claim.

To contact the Interstate Section for any information regarding your claim:

Kentucky Interstate Section
P O Box 452
Frankfort KY 40602-0452
Telephone: 502-564-2384
Fax: 502-564-5412